Throw Back Thursday – 4th of July Handmade Decor

You’ve probably noticed a lack of posts on here….as in I’ve completely stopped blogging, LOL! Not by choice, it’s just hard to find time as a working mom. Enter the idea of “Throw Back Thursday” we’re seeing pop up on Facebook. I can run with that! Although I’ve been radio silent this past year, I haven’t stopped taking photos of all the wonderful creative bits from my daily life, so from now on I’ll use Thursdays as my excuse to catch up on all I’ve missed.

First up, all the red, white and blue decor from the 4th (that I totally still need to take down).

Spruced up the front porch for the 4th of July!

We cleaned up our front porch and sidewalk, adding some red, white and blue decor.

I snagged the antique ironing board from a garage sale, along with the teal pots. I decorate it with chalk each season. I also got the antique flag bunting at a garage sale too. Score! Even the porch furniture and plant stand are garage sale goodies. We bought the sidewalk pavers from our local garage sale Facebook group–that site is addicting! We added them along our existing sidewalk to give it a fresh look.

The dining room buffet gets decked out for the 4th of July

Paper pinwheels and fresh flowers adorn the dining room buffet

I found a giant empty frame once at a garage sale. It’s so rare to find real, solid wood frames that I always grab them when I see them–those suckers are pricey new! Each season I try to decorate it differently. For the 4th I hung a basket tray and filled it with paper pinwheels and stars. Both baskets pictured are garage sale goodies. The jars holding the flowers were dumpster-resurrected from the local recycling center then dipped in teal paint. I think pretty much everything in this shot came from garage sales except the tall candelabra in the middle. Did I mention I like garage sales?

Little man all decked out for the 4th of July

Even my little man was decked out for the 4th. Adorbs! And you guessed it, his whole outfit is from garage sales. We added the sunglasses decal to a plain white shirt. LOVE this little guy!

Family on the 4th of July

Our family had a busy 4th of July–it got unseasonably cool here in Indiana, which made the weekend more enjoyable. Can you see my patriotic toes, LOL?


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