This Week’s Shabby Chic Garage Sale Finds

A heap of garage sale finds

I hit jackpot today. That is, if you like junk!

Vintage super market sign scored at a garage sale for $15

My favorite is the “Super Market” antique sign. Just $15! Score! Hubby’s already worried about how and where to put it. Most obvious is the kitchen, maybe above the hearth? We’ll see!!

Old chair to recover for nursery or office

I also got furniture for the new home office. My sister-in-law’s going to recover this chair and ottoman for me–so lucky to have such great talent in my family! I also bought the silver side table, galvanized tin ice bucket, wicker basket tray, set of three glass canisters, and a still-in-package yoga mat here for a whopping total of $43!!! BIG score!!!


Another project for the home office is converting a colonial-style chande    lier I scored at last year’s sales in to something more shabby chic. I had planned on buying crystal baubles online from a chandelier company (which would have been very expensive). Today I saw a set of glass candle stick holders that have a ruffled glass “skirt” with hanging crystals. So I bought the set just to recycle the crystals, all for $3. I also bought the tiny little set of miniature corn-on-the-cob salt and peppers shakers for 50¢. I know, a weird impulse buy but I like that there were three sets and how small they were. It will be a talking piece over the next get together!!

Found this playyard at a garage sale

When I saw this pack-and-play, I looked it up on my phone because I had never seen one like it. It retails used on eBay for $100 and I scored it for $25! It’s a hexagon shape and has a zipper door in the front for toddlers. I love the top dome cover, which retracts and velcros shut. Looks like the perfect contraption to keep little Erbs safe while we work outside. And it stays functional as the kids age.

Antique glass milk bottles

I scored these antique glass milk bottles at last week’s sales, but thought I’d throw them in, featuring my first backyard bouquet of the summer season. Oh, how I love garage sales!!


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