Another Use for Antique Doors


I’m often asked for ideas on how to incorporate antique doors into home decor–I have a full Pinterest board of ideas! I saw this idea today and had to share. For folks who don’t necessarily have many vintage looking items in your home but still admire these beautiful doors, this is the type of project that would be a happy medium!

Natalie, at A Turtle’s Life, posted this creative project. Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

And guess what–I have a whole shed full of antique doors, barn doors, windows, and screens. I’ll be selling them at Hope Heritage Days in September! Be sure to stop by and snag one.


DIY Vertical Layer Cake


Inspired by I Am Baker, I decided to try her tutorial for a vertically layered cake. Her site is full of great ideas and the tutorials are super easy to follow. I’m not much of a baker but found her tips super helpful. She recommends freezing your cakes before working with them. I made my cakes from a gluten-free cake mix, and there’s no way I could have man-handled them if I hadn’t frozen them. Another tip she gave was to use a simply syrup to hold layers together in order to avoid icing seems between layers. I made my simple syrup with honey and water, my preferred sweetener of choice.


I ended up with a checkered cake because you either end up with two separate cakes or you can just add the two layers. Although there’s kits to make such cakes, I loved that I could just grab some round bowls and plates, set them on my cake layers, and take a sharp carving knife around the bowl to cut my vertical rings.

Be sure to check out her blog for other creative ideas!


Holiday Album Made From Starbucks Cup

Starbucks Cup Mini Album Holiday Book

Saw this on the Echoes of Laughter blog. Angie made it by recycling a holiday Starbucks cup and finishing it with scrapbooking supplies. As she posts:

How to make a Starbucks mini album:

Rinse out your used Starbucks cup.
Take scissors and cut out the bottom of the cup.
Fold in half and cut down along the right to create the book cover.
Use the cover to make a template for the interior pages, making them about a half inch smaller then the cup itself. If you like, you can take the sewing maching and sew around your cover.
Either sew or staple insides pages to cover.

Interior of Starbucks Cup Mini Album Holiday Book

Starbucks Cup with scrapbook paper interior

Starbucks Cup Mini Album Holiday Book

“I love this little project because it costs almost next to nothing to make…..a recycled coffee cup, some scrapbook papers and a few embellishments,” says Angie about this project.

Thanks for the great tutorial Angie!