Columbus Turns on the Small-Town Charm

New MacBooks are the greatest, but having a good place to hang out and enjoy wifi is even better. As part of my first week back in Columbus, I sought out a comfortable place to use wifi while spending time on my new MacBook. I first set out to an obvious place – the Bartholomew County Library. But after 45 minutes of fussing, I was unable to log on to their internet.

Off to the next place. I headed downtown, knowing that there’s been so many changes since I last lived here. What an understatement! The feeling and energy of downtown Columbus has completely changed over the past three years. Instead of the uncool place that was dead by 6pm, it breathed life with small-town charm. Since I was excited to check everything out, I decided to walk around a bit. I saw Viewpoint Books’ prime corner spot and walked through. The store was lively and had a great selection of books, but no cozy couch inviting me to stop and open my MacBook, so I kept moving.

I stopped by That Special Touch, a one-stop wedding shop owned by a family friend. We chatted about the changes in both Columbus and the wedding market. I remember how remorseful I was when visiting the store right before my own wedding after seeing how much they have to offer – right there in my hometown! I could have avoided so much tears and pain if I had just stopped by there first! What a cool store.


That Special Touch – Columbus, Ind.

After that, I headed on down to Cooks and Company. My eyes went straight to the latte machine, then to a cool brand of biodegradable cups that my favorite restaurant, Café Patachou also uses. I was sold! A latte machine, wifi, and a cozy but energetic atmosphere was all it took. And the lady behind the counter was super nice. I can’t believe how much the place had transformed since the last time I had visited. From pots and truffles to a wifi cafe and bar. It rocks!

After calling my husband with my excitement, he decided to come over for a late lunch to check it out. We went to the bar side, Fork, and had the butternut squash ravioli and the chipotle mayo grilled chicken sandwich. The food was just as good as the atmosphere. Our new favorite place in downtown Columbus! That was the happiest afternoon I’ve had lately – a new Macbook, free wifi, and a cool place to hangout in a charming downtown. I couldn’t ask for anything else!


Great Finds at the Hoosier Artisan Holiday Boutique

It happened. Row after row, aisle after aisle, I felt it increasing inside of me. My eyes couldn’t dart fast enough, my mind couldn’t process all the wonderful images. It was only a matter of minutes before I couldn’t contain it any longer – I crashed from a creative overload. The Hoosier Artisan Holiday Boutique was the best handmade show I’ve been to in a long time. So much, that I had to take a breather half way through in order to contain my excitement. It was a first-time show organized by Megan Martin in Carmel, Ind. that featured Etsy artists from the INCrowd Team –’s Indiana Street Team. My only regret is that we weren’t organized in time to have a booth ourselves. But that wouldn’t have left much time to shop any way!  


Here’s what I bought:


Keep Calm and Carry On Canvas – I bought a bigger canvas than pictured here, in a stripe print that I already had in my house. I also bought a brown brooch from them that looks like a circle-shaped rag rug! By Stinky Toe Designs.


Leather Poppy Brooch – I bought my pin in a khaki color to match my favorite cowboy boots. You should see the purses! By Sakura Urban Studio.


You are Beautiful Greeting Card – I bought this as a birthday card for my fabric-lovin’ sister-in-law. By The Binding Bee.


Nursing Cover – Or as my husband calls it,

Other mentionables:


Butterfly Card Collage Art Print – This artist takes your old greeting cards and turns them into custom collages. My favorite was one from her wedding, featuring bright colors and snippets of messages from loved ones. By Art*iculate.


Fabric Covered Magnet Board – These are beautiful! The fabric choices are neverending. By Steel Dreaming Designs.