Adventure-Themed Baby Nursery


Our little one is now 1-month old and it has been quite the adventure! His nursery theme is definitely fitting to all the ups and downs of parenthood. Finnton’s room features a monochrome color palette of grays, blacks, and whites, modern prints, and is made complete by a painted mountain mural.

The inspiration for the room was the idea of mountains mural on the wall. Every time Lance and I have had the pleasure of visiting the mountains, we’re enamored and wanted to capture this for our little guy. Luckily for us, the monochromatic nursery gear is on trend right now and easy to find. We found the bed sheets at Target, but after I had already sewed and created the bedskirt and pillows. The rug came from Bargains and Buyouts (and it was quite the steal!). Some of our favorite features include the dark painted ceiling and the black shutter we swiped from grandma’s garage sale.

We’re hoping to add on with memorabilia from our real adventures! Hope you enjoy the inspiration!



Antique Door Converted to Headboard with Sconces


And another great idea shared by my friend Jess Powell of Pink House Marketing! She converted two matching antique doors into a headboard and footboard. After a fresh coat of paint, the doors were halved and received hinges that allow folding for easy transport. The headboard received a trim treatment across the top for a clean cut look, followed by sconces. Although they’re normal sconces from the local Lowe’s, these particular ones are far from normal–the antique doorknobs below control the lights! They push for on/off function, and twist to dim the sconces!!! It does NOT get any cooler than that–this is officially my most favorite use of antique doors!!! Thanks, Jess for sharing!



Another Use for Antique Doors


I’m often asked for ideas on how to incorporate antique doors into home decor–I have a full Pinterest board of ideas! I saw this idea today and had to share. For folks who don’t necessarily have many vintage looking items in your home but still admire these beautiful doors, this is the type of project that would be a happy medium!

Natalie, at A Turtle’s Life, posted this creative project. Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

And guess what–I have a whole shed full of antique doors, barn doors, windows, and screens. I’ll be selling them at Hope Heritage Days in September! Be sure to stop by and snag one.


Salvage Soiree–A Rustic Approach to Decorating

So maybe I’ve been watching too much of American Pickers, but I love junk. Junk is my style–it makes me happy, mainly because it’s most often free (or almost free). But also because it gives a nod to the past and often adds texture to today’s shiny, polished trends. But junk isn’t the prettiest term for this style of decorating, and after standing at the store’s magazine rack for an hour tonight I found the perfect term for my style of decorating–salvage finds. Not too much more glamorous, but a little bit better than junk, a little less formal than shabby chic, and a little less confining than country. So salvage style works for me.



The magazine that inspired me most was Flea Market Style. It had a feature about popular blogs that feature decorating with salvaged goods. Most of the blogs I frequent already but it gave me the idea to share them with you too. So here’s some top picks for those into the salvage style:

Miss Mustard Seed

Home and Harmony

Garden Antqs Vintage

Heather Bullard – Home and Lifestyle

It’s the Little Things

Serendipity Chic Design

• Margo’s Junkin’ Journal

Just Something I Made

Perfectly Imperfect

My Sweet Savannah

Primitive and Proper


Emerald Cove

The Feminist Housewife

A Beach Cottage


You’ll Never Believe What We’ve Been Up To…Home Projects Marathon

Sometimes you need a deadline to get things done. Since we were hosting our first family gathering in our new home, that gave us incentive to get some serious projects done! Here’s some of the things we did:


We BUILT a dining table. Yes, we built it from scratch, by hand! We have been eyeballing the farmhouse table from Knock-off Wood for months. Love this site–we actually combined two of her plans to get the exact look we wanted. For around $100 in supplies and 15-20 hours of work this week, we have a table that seats 12. I plan on collecting mismatched old chairs and staining the table a dark shade.


We hung an antique old window . See it hanging on the wall above my dad? I found it in my grandpa’s old barn. I love it! For now, I just added multi-color scrapbook paper but I have so many more plans for it. I might cut out some letters and spell something, add photos, change the paper with the holidays, hang a wreath on top of it, hang a shelf below it to display decor, or add hooks on the front to display some things. We hung it using a hook and eye system, but we used anchors in studs because it weighs about 30 lbs. So far, so good.


We displayed an old door. I found this in the barn too (I have about 20 more doors and windows in our shed, just waiting to displayed!!) I just propped this door in the corner–I love how our interior brick compliments it and vice versa! I had a sage wreath that I received live last Christmas and dried. Then I found this antique luggage wrack while antiquing in Nashville for $12! Planned on painting it but like the bright green for now. It holds a basket of our blankets.


My hubby built a new kitchen island. We installed a dishwasher in the island, requiring a new one. My hubby built-in a bookshelf that you see when you walk in our front door. We added beadboard and painted it black! We’re still arguing on weather to add wood brackets underneath the countertop. I also distressed it then added stain to give it an aged look.


We created a wall of mirrors.I had a lot of mirrors and no great spot to put them so I painted them all white and put them at our entrance with a few “E”s. We’re building a console table to put here as well in the front hallway, using more plans from Knock-off Wood but using an old barn door as the tabletop.


I hung photo frames from an old ladder. I found the matching photo frames at a garage sale and I bought the ladder from an antique store. I have to admit that this project did not come out as I planned, but it isn’t bad! I meant to order smaller photos and have a colored scrapbook paper background to give it color. And I meant to center it from each rung. But I was over it–it is what it is! It features photos I’ve taken of my nieces and nephews in black and white prints.

Cyrus. Look at those crystal eyes.
Lachlan. Never have to tell her how to pose–she is a natural model!
Annabelle. This photo series is beautiful!
Annabelle and Beau. How dreamy…
Beau. Yes, we really did place live chicks in a basket with a newborn!
Everyone fit into one room…I love it!

Most importantly, we fit all of our family into one room! Our new home has been a blessing–God gave us every little factor we asked for, like large rooms that fit groups of people.

Did I mentioned that besides cleaning and cooking, that we all finished decorating our whole house, had our carpets cleaned, re-arranged the furniture, and landscaped?!?

Next on our list: stain the dining table, build console tables, make curtains for the living room, make outdoor pillows, and winterize our landscaping. But after a week off!



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Awesome Furniture Before & Afters


$60 set of used table and chairs turned into a rustic farm table at Little Bits of Bliss blog.

I’ve happened across some amazing blogs lately as I’ve ventured into the topic of home projects. I’ll be sharing many of them! Here’s one with amazing before and after photos along with instructions for refinishing the projects. Little Bits of Bliss offers great inspiration on how you can take something outdated and make it into a piece that looks like it belongs in a magazine!

Check out the kitchen before and after:





What a beautiful update to an average kitchen! The blog walks through all the details so that you can pull off this grand makeover too!


It’s Finally Here…Our First New Home


Well, it’s been hard to keep this under wraps, but this morning we made it official. We’ve purchased our first new home! It wasn’t what we set out to find, but we absolutely love it. Although it’s not quite my country home with big porch and picket fence, it is in a neighborhood out in the country, it has a large patio in the back, and it does have a fence.

The best part is how move-in ready it is. Real, original hardwood floors, wood burning stove, energy-efficient attic ventilation system, real tile throughout the house,  a 22′ x 20′ family room, two sheds, and we even love the interior paint colors! It doesn’t get any better than that. The back has a 40′ x 20′ raised garden bed that we can’t wait to clean out and plant veggies. Right now, it’s full of perennials.

Our challenges? Not many. There’s an under-utilized space adjacent to the garage and family room. Right now, part of the space is used as a small walk-in closet-type utility room. The rest is storage. Our plans? An awesome 22′ x 9′ ultimate utility room! I’ve already found some great posts on utility room makeovers to help us get started.

The other obvious challenge? Curb appeal. We can’t wait to brighten up the front. What do you think? Remove some pine trees? Paint the brick? Maybe just add some bright decor? Here’s to many more posts about building, remodeling, crafting, and recreating a perfect home!