Thanksgiving Mantel Decorations

I came across this beautiful fall mantel decor on the blog It’s the Little Things. What a neat way to decorate your fireplace for Thanksgiving!



A big detail that sets it off are these cutesy letters that spell “Happy Thanksgiving.” I probably would have used a uniform font and it wouldn’t be as cute as hers!


I love how she spares no attention to details.


Even the wood is incorporated into the design!



I think another favorite is this whimsical grapevine that wisps across the mantel. And the family has tied paper leaves that display what they’re thankful for.



Very cute! Check out her blog for more ideas.



Handmade Halloween Treats


I decided at the last second that I didn’t want to give out just candy to my loved little ones for Halloween, and took on the challenge of crafting some handmade gifts over night. I decided I couldn’t mess up too much on plush monsters so I headed to Joann’s for some fuzzy fabric.

I drew a monster shape on piece of paper as a pattern. I cut two pieces of plush fabric and found some felt for the eyes. Two oblong circles in each black and white did the trick. The best part is that the messier, the better with these monsters. Before sewing the two main pieces of fabric together, I ironed my felt shapes to the monster using fusing web. Next, I recalled some embroidering stiches from my grandmother’s lessons and used them to add some quick details. I think these monsters look better with fewer embroidered details, but do think the tiny knot that adds a gleam to the eyeballs adds a lot.


Once finishing the embroidery details, I sewed my monster, right sides facing together, leaving a 3-inch opening on one side. I stuffed with polyfill and a few tablespoons of lavendar I had leftover from my flax seed pillows. I handstiched the side closed and wallah, Halloween monsters for the little ones!


We wanted to get something special for the boys across the street. So besides their favorite candy and pop, I also bought dollar stocking caps from Walmart and embellished them by hand. I created a design on my computer, then transfered the pattern to a plastic sheet. I cut out the shapes from the plastic sheet, leaving me with a stencil. Next, I watered down some white acrylic paint and used a foam brush to roughly paint directly on the cap (don’t forget a piece of cardboard to keep the paint from soaking through!). It took about 30 minutes to dry (faster with the help of my hair dryer, as recommended on the bottle to set the paint). I cut shapes out of white felt that already had fusing on the back, peeled off the paper backing, and hand-stiched some details. Then I ironed the patch to the hat on top of the painted graphic, giving it a screen-printed feel straight from the ads.


My nephew Beau went as a pea pod.


He lit up when he saw his monster, then spent the next five minutes trying to eat it.


My niece Annabelle looked very sweet this year in a butterfly/fairy costume.



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Crocheted Beer Cozies


I have a secret, and it’s one that could be detrimental to my marriage…but I’m spilling it anyway! This fall, my husband took up a new hobby and spent many hidden weekends making something for my birthday. I had no clue what he was making, but grew very curious as the weekends went by. My guess would have been something like woodworking or metal-smithing, interests I’ve heard him mention before. But as time went on, I knew it must be something small because his hiding spaces weren’t very big. I also knew that it must not require much equipment because it was a project that he was taking to other’s houses and easily working upon. I was completely baffled until the big day came.

The morning of my birthday, he could barely wait to give me his present. I was shocked when he pulled a little bag out from behind the couch. I reached in to pull out the object to find a crocheted scarf!!! It seriously took me over 15 minutes to believe that he had made it. My husband? Crocheting? I thought it sounded impossible. To think of all the hours he had spent learning how, and not to mention the teasing he endured from friends! My mother-in-law told me that one night she walked in and found him drinking beer and watching football while crocheting. When questioning him about the odd combination he said that he felt the need to “butch up.”


Teasing aside, he’s moved on to crocheting beer bottle cozies, which I then help him finish off with handmade appliques that feature witty sayings. They were a huge hit at Christmas! Now he’s made a few for my Etsy store for Valentine’s Day. What an awesome handmade gift for Valentine’s Day – made by him, for him! Inspired by his wife’s creative hobbies, my husband now has a way to be apart of my crafting time. I’m really proud that I have a husband who is compassionate and humble enough to learn a new skill that lets him express his love for me. Now we’ll see if that love’s still there after he finds out I spilled his secret!


Handmade Holiday Picks on Etsy

Here are some festive items that caught my eye on Etsy


From left to right:

  1. Crimson and Chartreuse Fingerless Gloves – mickieandbetty
  2. Fabric Bookmark – GreenBeeGoods
  3. Festive Flower Brooch – HappilyMade
  4. Christmas Pearl & Satin Necklace – SewKnotSimple
  5. Sweet Leaves, Christmas Joy Fabric Branches – JaneJoss
  6. Strands of Vert – Poppy Clothing Creations
  7. Splat Green Bamboo with Red Wall Clock – Pilot Design
  8. Little Soft Trees Vignette – Lola Nova
  9. Roses Are Red Green Damask Mary Janes – Gracious May
  10. Handstamped Holiday Hemp Pillow – NestaHome
  11. Fresh Holly Soap – Intentions
  12. Cranberry Cowl Neckwarmer – Crazy Jane Knits
  13. Holly Berry Brooch – Sneal
  14. Orbs of Glisten Bulbs – GlissKnits
  15. Berry Branch Glass Pebble Magnets – Daisy Mae Designs