Palette Wall and Plank Sign

Stained wood planks make the perfect signs

Valentine’s Day has given me motivation to share my “Love Me” painted wood sign, which means I also need to share photos of the palette wall in our bedroom since we made the sign from it’s leftovers.

Make a plank wall using cedar fence boards

After watching pin after pin of palette walls last year, I had to have my own wood plank wall. Since I was prego, there were some definite precautions I needed to take. After reading this post from Funky Junk Interiors about the hazards of reusing palettes for home projects, I decided to play it safe and headed to Menards to buy untreated cedar fence posts. I got them on sale for a total of $75, but if you wait until summer you can also get cheap ones from their discard pile, and the imperfections make perfect imperfections. Yup. I bought cedar for two reasons: 1. it’s untreated, meaning no chemicals where I sleep 2. it’s untreated, meaning it will take stain instantly. A light sanding and a few days in the garage to acclimate and I was ready to go.

Make your own stain from vinegars, coffee, tea, and steel wool!

Next came the stain. Again, since I was pregnant, I was eager to try my own home concoctions of coffee, tea and vinegar stains. I mixed a variety of jars trying out different vinegars with bits of shredded steel wool adding some coffee grinds to one. 24 hours later and I was set to go. One jar was just super strong brewed black tea. I literally rubbed the tea bags on the bare wood. The key is to try all sorts of different things so you get a good mix of light and dark boards in the end. Some boards I went over two or three extra times. I also wish I did the sides of the boards since every once in a while an edge showed on the finished wall. I really loved how they turned out!

DIY vinegar stains on wood

We painted the whole room a muddy grey, including the palette wall. Then we literally took a nail gun and went at it. We started at the top and alternated sides. To make sure it had a lot of variety, we cut a few boards down to odd sizes to through in the mix. We also alternated boards of different widths. Everything went quick and smoothly, and to make it easy to make cuts we just passed the boards through the window.

The only challenges were cutting around the outlet and the small area to the left of the window. The window just kind of worked itself out–we had to cut two pieces down on a fancier saw (thanks, Dad!) but it wasn’t a deal-breaker. Most other people just kinda cut around the outlet cover and place the wood on top, but I wanted a more tailored look so we pulled the outlet socket out, screwed it to the wood plank, then placed the plastic cover back on. Much better looking!

I love my new palette wall in our master bedroom

Overall, a major thanks to my Dad and Hubby for doing this project for me. I majorly HEART my palette wall! I had a few boards leftover, so that’s where this wonderful beauty came in. We made an accent sign by nailing together some of the boards and freewriting “Love Me” in matching paint. Next up is new furniture and bedding, along with crown molding!

Use leftover boards to make signs!




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