Our First Craft Show


After a summer of crafting, my sister-in-law, Kim, and I finally had enough handmade goods to host a booth and start an Etsy store, HappilyMade. Who knew how much fun it could be to display all of your hard work  for others to enjoy!


Our sales weren’t bad for a low-traffic area, though they could have been better. I’m curious – how do crafters get involved with shows? How do you know which shows to attend? What learning experience do you take away from the items that sell and the items that don’t? This past weekend, I noticed that a lot of our sales were items that were uniform in shape and size, and priced under $5. I’m still percolating on what else I can draw from our trial experience. Nonetheless, it brought me great joy to spend a whole weekend outside with my family. This weekend, I’m off to INDIEana’s Handicraft Exchange fall show.



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