New Home, Awesome Realtor

Finally…we’re moved into our new home!!! And I finally got our internet working. I’m bummed that I didn’t have much time to post this past month, but believe me – I have so many projects to share that I’m sure I’ll make up for it!!!


Jane Mellinger, Century 21

But first, I must give kudos to our awesome real estate agent, Jane Mellinger. Any buyers debating if they need professional help shouldn’t think twice about it – Jane made the process a piece of cake for us. She explained every single detail to us first timers and provided an answer to every crazy question I asked. Jane is so respectful of the buyer’s wishes, especially when it comes to tastes and budget. She didn’t once force any opinions on us but respected every single one of ours and always stayed within our buying budget. Jane comes highly recommended in our book!

We’ve already started so many projects on the new home, but none are finished yet. I made sure to take “before” photos to post with any “afters”! Now back to work.


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