Nautical Baby Shower

The Creative Erb – Nautical Themed Baby Shower

Nautical-themed baby showers seem to be all the rage. I got to throw my good friend’s own shower in a house with the perfect setting–the home overlooks a local lake and already featured nautical interior decor! I wish this friend had a blog because she is truly the most well-rounded creative person I know.


We set the mood for the party by peppering the whole area with mini paper flags atop wood skewers, anchored in jars full of sand. Even in a home with a perfect setting, I think it’s very important to use decorations to designate the party area and to show that today’s event is extra special.


We also crafted rope vases and filled with dried hydrangeas. Like everything else, we got the idea from Pinterest. What’s not mentioned on Pinterest is how expensive this little craft can be! Here are my tips when making these rope vases:

  • Pick a small container to wrap. The thickness of the rope really adds bulk. We used plastic peanut butter containers!
  • Check your local farm supply store for the rope. The rope was much more expensive than we anticipated, and it took several yards to make each vase!
  • Choose a thick rope. Not only will this make wrapping a lost faster but it will save some money.
  • Cut the beginning and end of your ropes at an angle to make it easier to hide the ends. This takes a very sharp cutting tool! Using flowers that hang over the top of the vase also helps hide flaws.

Shower activity that isn't cheesy

The latest trend in baby showers is to provide interactive activities instead of cheesy games. The best part is that if it’s something crafty, the mother-to-be can take the creations home and the items can serve a purpose. We decided to ask guests to help us fill out 18 birthday cards with special birthday messages for the baby, then sealed them so that baby and momma have to wait until each birthday to open the messages!

Bucket List for Baby's First Year

We also created a “bucket list” asking for suggestions of special activities to do with baby during the first year.




Refreshments included a beach of cupcakes created from brown sugar and oyster cookies complete with a marshmallow “pearl.” We tried over and over to make the sand dollar sugar cookies, but this was an epic pintrosity, LOL.    nautical-theme-shower-invites

The invites are now available in my Etsy store!

Nautical themed baby shower




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  1. Hi there!

    I really like your baby bucket list idea! I’m curious what the text says below. how did you explain to guests what to do?

    Thanks so much! 🙂

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