Little Man Onesies

Little man onesies with tie, suspenders, and vestI have a 24 month old nephew that is cute as a button–quite the little man! So I thought he needed some little man onesies.

The most class one is the tie. The trick is to pick a gaudy fabric, just like an old man’s tie and to keep it fairly short in length. I used fusible interfacing, left the edges raw, and just sewed around the edges.

The suspenders is just black grossgrain ribbon. I recommend do the back too for the full effect. This one was the toughest because it puckered the most, especially over the shoulders.

Little man onesies with tie, vest, and suspenders

My favorite is the vest. I intended on doing the back too but ran out of patience! After studying lots of shapes, I liked this one the best. For this I used some stretchy denim, pressing in the edges before sewing it on. Buttons are a must!

These are so easy to make and super cute on the little man.


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