It’s Finally Here…Our First New Home


Well, it’s been hard to keep this under wraps, but this morning we made it official. We’ve purchased our first new home! It wasn’t what we set out to find, but we absolutely love it. Although it’s not quite my country home with big porch and picket fence, it is in a neighborhood out in the country, it has a large patio in the back, and it does have a fence.

The best part is how move-in ready it is. Real, original hardwood floors, wood burning stove, energy-efficient attic ventilation system, real tile throughout the house,  a 22′ x 20′ family room, two sheds, and we even love the interior paint colors! It doesn’t get any better than that. The back has a 40′ x 20′ raised garden bed that we can’t wait to clean out and plant veggies. Right now, it’s full of perennials.

Our challenges? Not many. There’s an under-utilized space adjacent to the garage and family room. Right now, part of the space is used as a small walk-in closet-type utility room. The rest is storage. Our plans? An awesome 22′ x 9′ ultimate utility room! I’ve already found some great posts on utility room makeovers to help us get started.

The other obvious challenge? Curb appeal. We can’t wait to brighten up the front. What do you think? Remove some pine trees? Paint the brick? Maybe just add some bright decor? Here’s to many more posts about building, remodeling, crafting, and recreating a perfect home!


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