Holiday Roadtrip, Part 3b: From Florida thru Atlanta and Nashville


It’s hard to believe that Sunday we woke up on a 10,000 acre ranch in Florida with the windows open, birds chirping, and a gentle warm wind to bid us good morning. Seems like a dream, especially in January! We wanted to make good time while heading back to Indiana, so I didn’t plan many stopping places–only one special place, really. But that was enough. Lance thought the above car was cool because it had his full name on it.


We stopped for dinner in Atlanta, Georgia at YEAH! Burger and IT. WAS. FABULOUS. The interior of the restaurant was awesome –I love their branding and graphics. The place was packed on a Sunday night. And the menu was even better, featuring organic or natural ingredients. You start by picking out your patty from a selection of natural meats, sourced right on the menu!

Next comes the buns, which you’ll quickly see why I chose this place. Sometimes it comes down to the bread, right? Well they offer gluten-free buns!! YEAH! They use all organic flours, even source it to H&F Bread Co. So cool. Then things get real fun with sauces, another offering that sets YEAH! Burger apart. The sauces menu includes fun creations like Hot Alabama Relish and the one I had, Bacon Jam, a combo of crumbled bacon and molasses. The cherry on the cake was the gluten-free onion rings and fries. Then you choose a sauce for dipping. My gluten-free onion rings were beyond delish dipped in the Bacon Jam. YUM-O! My final burger: all-natural chicken breast on a gluten-free white bun with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and turkey bacon, smothered with Bacon Jam. I ate myself sick after adding the onion rings. We will ALWAYS stop at this place each time in Atlanta, and you should too. Just a warning though that it was a little pricey but definitely worth it.


We stopped across the Tennesse border to stay the night. It was a mean joke to wake up to 16 degrees when just the day before we woke up to 75 degrees in a quiet country bedroom with the windows open. At least we had a fabulous breakfast. The last leg of our trip spared no quality in the restaurant department. We stopped at a quaint bakery and coffee house in Nashville, Tennessee called FiddleCakes. Cute name, huh?


FiddleCakes was located in a business-turned house very close to the interstate. They make fresh baked goods each day, with a small selection of gluten-free yummies (holla!). I grabbed two pastries–a GF chocolate chip muffin and a brownie. I drank a soy latte with a pump of mocha and it was the best one I’ve had in a very long time. My husband had a cup of locally roasted coffee with a chocolate chip scone. He said it was the best scone he’s ever had.


To top it off, the barista was super personable; they had the neatest hand-stamped jewelry ($40 necklace that said “Will trade husband in for cupcakes”); and one room featured tables and chairs made from recycled shutters and doors. AWESOME. It was a fun end to our trip home.


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