Holiday Roadtrip, Part 2b: Crossing Florida’s State Lines


Once we drove into the Florida state lines, I was insistent that we stop at a beach before spending the rest of our trip land-locked. So we stopped by St. Augustine beach for a few minutes. The town looked pretty cute and plenty crowded. There’s a historical fort as well as a cute downtown and plenty of beaches. It was only 54 degrees but I promised my momma that I’d put my big toe in the ocean, no matter how cold. But man was it cold.



I was happy to get to Orlando because there are several vegan and vegetarian restaurants. The only issue is that my husband (who likes more meat and less veggies) wasn’t seeing much he could enjoy for dinner, so we only made it to one of the restaurants I had mapped out. But, you can see where else we had looked up here.



I stopped at the Dandelion Communitea Cafe in Winter Park when we arrived in Orlando that evening. It was incredibly healthy and incredibly yummy (a great last meal before arriving on the ranch). My favorite was their teas. I love my teas iced though, and they were willing to ice any. But I just got their prepared iced pick of the day, a strawberry black tea. I also got the spring rolls with a thai nut dipping sauce and chips with very garlicky hummus. Not only did it make me happy, but I kept the hummus, chips, and dipping veggies and snacked on them over the next few days.

Orlando also has tons of farmers markets. I didn’t make it to any, but it would be so easy for someone who likes the organic, vegan, or vegetarian seen to visit Orlando. Be sure to check out some of the other places I found here on our travel Google map.

Now onward to the Partin Cattle Ranch for our southern weddin’! (And yes, we’ve been talking with our southern accents this whooole time!)


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