Holiday Roadtrip, Part 1b: South Carolina


On our way south from the Smokey Mountains we stopped at a pizza joint in Columbia, South Carolina. Zpizza is a small franchise that features fresh, organic ingredients including a gluten-free dairy-free pizza. So while my husband got a normal (but organic) personal pizza, I was able to enjoy my allergy-free pizza fresh at a pizza parlor. What a treat! We loved it so much that we considered get two more pizzas for the road, but our better senses finally kicked in knowing that they would be yucky by the time we ate them.


I wanted to find some other activity out of the car and saw lovely photos of Finlay Park a few blocks away. So we drove there and were immediately confused because each parking lot we pulled in to had rows of homeless sleeping around the grounds. My husband said I sure knew how to pick the good spots. So we didn’t get out to look at the gardens. Our whole trip seemed filled with homeless visitors: South Carolina, Savannah, Orlando, Georgia, and Tennessee. It reminds me of a statistic by brother quoted his pastor sharing, that of the top 7% of the whole world’s population is rich, but “rich” is defined as an equivalent of $30K income and up. Just think about it for a second…that means despite our wanting and desiring to buy more and move up the social chain, that we’re already rich. WE’RE RICH. It’s a humbling thought. Want to see where your income stands against the world’s population? Check out the Global Rich List.


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