Green and Brown Baby Shower for St. Patrick’s Day


A baby shower with a subtle Irish theme

I pulled together a successful baby shower right before St. Patrick’s Day for my sister-in-law. The decor set a an exciting mood, guests raved about the menu, and the room was constantly filled with laughter and smiles. My sister-in-law has an Irish background and loves all things Celtic, including St. Patrick’s Day. So my goal was to throw a baby shower with a subtle Irish theme without it being cliche or cheesy.


Invites were handmade and designed.


Envelopes featured Pippin’ elephant labels

I started with handmade invitations. There were only 20 to make, so I did everything from scratch using scrapbooking materials and an inkjet printer. I tried to find a subtle Irish-like background paper and paired it with a sparkling brown. Using Illustrator, I redrew the elephant icon featured in baby’s room, Graco’s Pippin.


Vases are reclaimed glasses from thrift store and spray painted.

The food kept in theme, featuring only green and brown foods. I forgot to take photos of the food! We had basil pesto, a green veggie tray, green deviled eggs (colored with fresh herbs), roasted turkey and herbed chevre spinach tortilla roll-ups, and brownie pops. I bought Wilton’s brownie pop mold at Hobby Lobby and used Trader Joes brownie mix to make the pops. I popped in skewers when they were still warm and dipped them in melted chocolate. Be sure to dip all the way to the stick–it seals the pop and keeps it from falling off. I dipped the pops in crushed pistachios, nonpareils sprinkles, and colored sugars. We made pedestals for everything by stacking glasses under plates, secured with some clear tape.


Lemon cake with a dried sage wreath.


Cake table makes a big impact with floral arrangement.

The cake table was a favorite feature. My mother made a lemon cake (as requested by the mommy-to-be) and we made a floral arrangement to go around it. I bought wine goblets and glasses at Goodwill, spray-painted them silver, and then ordered blooms from a florist. The arrangement was cheap since I provided my own containers. The arrangement looked great, but I was disappointed not to get any Irish moss or clover. The felt garland banner hanging above the cake says “Welcome Wee Little Lad” and was made to match the nursery. Mommy-to-be kept the “Wee Little Lad” section and I’m posting the “Welcome” section on Etsy for sale. The gift table also featured a large framed Irish blessing, custom designed for the nursery. There was a peg shelf above the gift table, so we strung coordinating ribbon and used clothes pins to attach coordinating baby goodies as decorations, such as a stocking cap, booties, pacifier, etc.


Felt garland banner reads

We made the games a little bit too easy, although fun. I picked up cute prizes from Hobby Lobby and The Christmas Shoppe. The first game was placing 10 items in brown bags, passing them around, and writing down your guess of what the bag contained. We had several new mommies who got nine out of ten correct. The only item they couldn’t guess was a little baby toothbrush. I had one diaper and one bib, which confused a lot of people.  The next game was test-tasting jarred baby foods. I only had five, all close in color, but a lot of people guessed all five. The prizes went quick with so many winners! We cut the game list short since we ran out of prizes. We played one more just for fun. We had alphabet letters in a bowl and made everyone draw two. Since baby hadn’t been named yet, guests were to give creative suggestions for names using the two letters they drew. That was fun!


Answer sheet for games matched party theme.

Other things I made were tags for the paper bag game and an answer sheet for all the games. I love planning parties! It’s so important to focus on Mommy-to-be’s tastes and plans for the baby and then use that as inspiration for the party. It was really hard to find ideas for an upscale St. Patrick’s Day party, but I think I pulled it off. It took making decorations from scratch and incorporating basic Irish elements, like the Irish blessing and greens for the floral arrangement.


My niece and I wearing green.


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