Golden October Wedding

Fall teal wedding

I had the pleasure of helping this stunning October bride coordinate her big weekend as part of a “Day Of” package. Some clients hire me right after the proposal to help with the entire process, which I call “Full Service Wedding Planning” while some hire me later down the road when they start to get overwhelmed with juggling the details. While this small service package is labeled as a “Day Of Wedding Coordination” it’s truly more than that. The bride and groom have normally executed most of the creative decisions and vendor selections at this point, but I step in around two months prior to the big day to help them polish the details, create a timeline of events, finalize details with vendors, create floorplans and seating charts, and sometimes help design the last-minute printed pieces. It’s a special privilege for me to have the trust of a bride and groom as they ceremonially pass all their plans and worries to my own hands the week of their wedding, and it’s something I execute with great pride and joy.

This happy couple had their vendors booked and most of their decorative items purchased before I came along, but as we got to know one another they pretty much just handed all the elements to me and said have at it, which was great fun! The vintage car belonged to the bride’s dad and was the perfect photo prop. The flowers were blush pink and burgundy and the bridesmaid dresses were a trending color, hunter green. I spotted most of the lanterns at a garage sale the month before and snatched them for my client. And there’s plenty of local farmers who have pumpkins in pretty whites and grays, which can be a touch more elegant for a wedding.

I helped them design their wedding programs–I’ve found a very affordable printer an hour away that does high end finishes on a reasonable budget, I truly love using them. The aisle markers were made of wheat bunches…funny story–I was tying these bunches together at the church late after the rehearsal when I started itching pretty badly. Since I have Celiac disease, this probably wasn’t a smart plan! My cell phone was dead and I searched the church for a phone to call for help and couldn’t find a single one! Ha! I had to leave in a rush and snuck back in the next morning to finish, LOL. Lesson learned.

At the reception, guests were greeted with lots of gold sequins, pumpkins, lanterns, and a handwritten seating chart on a mirror. I have two gals here locally with knockout handwriting that I like to use for wedding signs. Guests seemed to enjoy a display of family wedding photos, “Generations of Love.” Smore favors and a popcorn bar kept guests very happy while waiting for the bridal party to arrive. It actually wasn’t the bridal party that took so long to arrive, but half the guests seemed to be missing. I was starting to panic until a guest spilled the beans that their husbands were all downstairs at the bar watching the Ohio game. So a note to the brides, when you plan a wedding and the majority of your guests are Buckeye fans, makes sure you cross check it with the game schedule!

I really enjoyed decorating with all of the pumpkins and lanterns. I actually picked up the blush pink pumpkin that was in front of the sweetheart table from a farmer in the mountains of Virginia as I was traveling the week beforehand. The guests seemed to enjoy themselves, and the bride and groom were happy, and I was happy how everything pulled together!

Sneak peak of bride & groom

Bride and groom in vintage car

Hunter green bridesmaids

Pink and burgundy bouquets against hunter green bridesmaid dresses

Bouquet by Pomp & Bloom

Programs printed locally in Indiana

Wheat aisle runners

The sendoff

Teal getaway car

Handwritten mirror seating chart by 4th & Keys

Guestbook table with gold sequins

Custom wood sign

Card and gifts table

Honoring past generations with family wedding photos



Smores favors

Popcorn bar

High top tables along glass overlook at The Commons

Reception at The Commons

Gold fall sweetheart table

Lanterns and pumpkins adorn the sweetheart table

Mrs. & Mrs. signs

Cake by Hartsville Sweets

The cake cutting

Reception at The Commons


It wouldn’t be right I failed to mention the many people who helped pull this together. It takes a village! While my name might be on it, it took the help of wedding assistants, friends, and family to pull it all together!

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