Don’t bother me, I’m pinning!

Nowadays, I spend more time on than any where else online. It’s like a digital bulletin board that lets you “pin” and organize eye candy from online. For creatives like me, it’s quite the addiction! It’s an awesome way to gather, save, and share ideas across all kinds of topics: handmade crafts, home decor and remodeling, food recipes, and more. Find me on Pinterest and my bulletin boards here:

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Here’s my latest Pinterest love:

Farmhouse bathroom with gray and white tile and galvanized tub

Pinterest Pinfest

2 thoughts on “Don’t bother me, I’m pinning!

  1. Beautiful! All of these are “new” to me! I’m in love! I’m Roeshel and I’m a Pinterest addict too. :)Thanks so much for sharing your pins in the Pinterest PinFest, Jenny!

  2. I have so many old washtubs out in my garage, and when I saw that ottoman, my radar went “PING”! Now I’m wondering if I could make one. That trailer is so dang CUTE! I love all your fantasy pins.

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