Crafty Pumpkin Decorating

Harper Valley Farms Indiana

Today I had the pleasure of joining a friend at Harper Valley Farms near Westport, Ind. to pick our own pumpkins, gourds, squash, and mums. What fun! And cheaper than anywhere else! We quickly filled our cart, tugging it through the field. And though 8 months pregnant, my friend insisted on taking her fair turn in pulling the wagon (does she know I secretly was pushing the back of the cart across the bumpy field?). Don’t you love the pear-shaped gourd in the top right of the picture? Or maybe the swan-shaped one in the lower left?

We chatted about creative ways to display the pumpkins, which naturally lead back to Pinterest. I thought I’d share my favorite fall displays with you:

Heirloom pumpkins as table serving pieces
Harper Valley Farms had tons of these pale gray and peach short pumpkins. I kind of fell in love with them. Hoping to make them into the following picture.


Pumpkin House Numbers
We’ll see if I can accomplish carving my house numbers!


Pumpkin Vignette on Fireplace Mantel Shelf
Rainbow of pumpkins across a fireplace mantel by Poetic Home


Halloween front porch sign
I would enjoy doing a small wood sign with wire pokes to place at the top of my bales of straw. Maybe would that said Happy Harvest? This one by I Heart Nap Time

Painted house number pumpkins
Cute monogram painted on a pumpkin in a urn by The Butlers


Stacked pumpkins in a wagon
Stacked pumpkins in a wagon


Painted Monogram Pumpkin in Urn
LOVE LOVE LOVE the chevron pumpkin. Have I mentioned that I love this? And have I mentioned that I tried this and gave up after it took me one hour to carve just one stripe??

Engraved pumpkins
So inventive–engraved pumpkins!


Indian corn with pumpkin in urn
Another urn with pumpkins and Indian corn



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