Backyard Bouquet That’d Make Grandma Proud


One of my most favorite parts of home-owning is going into the backyard and handpicking flowers. A past owner of our home poured a lot of time and sweat in packing our yard full with lilies, bee balm, phlox, roses, and more. Each week has been a delight to see what surprises were left behind by past owners for our enjoyment. I gathered this bouquet today, inspired by the first blooms of phlox. I have a patch of unruly sage growing and often throw it into my arrangements. I also clipped some evergreen from our cypress bushes. My grandmother has always put together the most beautiful flower arrangements from the multitude of plants she tends. I can only hope this one makes her proud.


New Home, Awesome Realtor

Finally…we’re moved into our new home!!! And I finally got our internet working. I’m bummed that I didn’t have much time to post this past month, but believe me – I have so many projects to share that I’m sure I’ll make up for it!!!


Jane Mellinger, Century 21

But first, I must give kudos to our awesome real estate agent, Jane Mellinger. Any buyers debating if they need professional help shouldn’t think twice about it – Jane made the process a piece of cake for us. She explained every single detail to us first timers and provided an answer to every crazy question I asked. Jane is so respectful of the buyer’s wishes, especially when it comes to tastes and budget. She didn’t once force any opinions on us but respected every single one of ours and always stayed within our buying budget. Jane comes highly recommended in our book!

We’ve already started so many projects on the new home, but none are finished yet. I made sure to take “before” photos to post with any “afters”! Now back to work.


Awesome Furniture Before & Afters


$60 set of used table and chairs turned into a rustic farm table at Little Bits of Bliss blog.

I’ve happened across some amazing blogs lately as I’ve ventured into the topic of home projects. I’ll be sharing many of them! Here’s one with amazing before and after photos along with instructions for refinishing the projects. Little Bits of Bliss offers great inspiration on how you can take something outdated and make it into a piece that looks like it belongs in a magazine!

Check out the kitchen before and after:





What a beautiful update to an average kitchen! The blog walks through all the details so that you can pull off this grand makeover too!


Take Out Your Pretties and Throw a Party

I’m working with a host who is throwing a wedding shower for a coworker, and she’s not quite sure what she wants yet. Have you been there before? Nothing better than to dig in. She did mention that she wants it to be a sit-down dinner party and would like to keep it simple. So, I created an inspiration board based on settings that you can make with items you might already have at home, or that would be easy to make.

Sometimes the best place to start is in your own cupboards! Get out all your pretties and be inspired by their potential.


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Planning a Classy but Fresh Tea Party


Merriment :: Upper Crust Social Club Tea Party by Heather Crosby and Kathy Beymer

I’m working on planning an afternoon baby shower and looking for inspiration. I want the party to be classy, yet not too formal.


Today I fell upon this beautiful tea party, hosted by blog authors’ Kathy Beymer of Merriment Design and Heather Crosby of inspiredbyeverything who started a group called the UCSC – Upper Crust Social Club. It’s a group of ladies in Chicago who plan soirees to gather with friends and have an excuse to make things.


Be sure to check out the full post here or view the full photo set here on flickr.


Homespun: Modern Handmade Store to Open on Eastside of Indianapolis


Just read that founders of Indieana Handicraft Exchange is planning to open a brick-and-mortar store on the east side of Indy. How exciting! This will truly take a grassroots, word-of-mouth effort on the part of us local crafters. Please share this original post… They’re trying to raise funding by winning a contest by Pepsi. Help them by voting and forwarding the link to your friends!