Holiday Album Made From Starbucks Cup

Starbucks Cup Mini Album Holiday Book

Saw this on the Echoes of Laughter blog. Angie made it by recycling a holiday Starbucks cup and finishing it with scrapbooking supplies. As she posts:

How to make a Starbucks mini album:

Rinse out your used Starbucks cup.
Take scissors and cut out the bottom of the cup.
Fold in half and cut down along the right to create the book cover.
Use the cover to make a template for the interior pages, making them about a half inch smaller then the cup itself. If you like, you can take the sewing maching and sew around your cover.
Either sew or staple insides pages to cover.

Interior of Starbucks Cup Mini Album Holiday Book

Starbucks Cup with scrapbook paper interior

Starbucks Cup Mini Album Holiday Book

“I love this little project because it costs almost next to nothing to make…..a recycled coffee cup, some scrapbook papers and a few embellishments,” says Angie about this project.

Thanks for the great tutorial Angie!


Our Very Own Sister Appears on Desperate Housewives


So yes, I’m blatantly bragging. My husband’s step-sister has been an aspiring actress since a young age. I remember in high school how excited she’d get about being a thespian down to modeling for local schmocals.  Now we all had someone like that from our hometown, right? And how many of those aspiring actors actually make it somewhere?

Well, she is making it somewhere. Last week she was featured on the Desperate Housewives episode, “Truly Content.” She’s coined as the pretty blonde that young Parker Scavo is trying to flirt with. And she’s beautiful. Although it’s just a quickly panning scene, she steals the spotlight–even if it only lasts a few seconds.

We’re extremely proud of her. Here’s to following your dreams, no matter how distant they may seem at the beginning!