Bridal Shower Dinner Party Inspired by Gift Registry


This weekend’s bridal shower was a hit. The hostess wanted a dinner party with a nice but subtle theme. Also, the guests didn’t know each other too well, as they are coworkers. So, I drew inspiration from the bride’s registry. Plans were based off a patterned tablecloth from Target. A lot of her items from the same family of colors and contained a natural look with leaves and tree branches.


Custom monogram used throughout party decor.

I designed a personalized monogram based off a patterned shower curtain on her registry. I printed it on sticker paper to use throughout the decor.


Party favors made of Amy Butler scrapbook paper are filled with candies.

The paper crafts were made using Amy Butler scrapbook paper. The colors and patterns were similar to the tablecloth and worked perfectly. I made paper cone favors that we hung off the chairs, filled with candy.


Cupcakes adorned in wrappers made from Amy Butler scrapbook paper.

Using this template, I made matching cupcake wrappers. I topped them with flower pics that the host purchased at Hobby Lobby. They also had matching coasters. I converted some of the flower pics by gluing to skewers and poking in to the centerpieces, along with their monograms.


Napkin rings were made with strips and scrapbook paper and fastened with a flower pic.

The flower pics were also used in the napkin rings. I used strips of the scrapbook paper to wrap around the napkins, hole-punched it, and then held it closed with a flower pic.


Center pieces were made using branches gathered from the backyard.

The host made the centerpieces using branches from her backyard. The vases came from Hobby Lobby.


Photo book transformed into glamorous game using Amy Butler scrapbook paper.

We planned a few games with some cute prizes. The host asked me to think of games that would help everyone get to know each other better. One game we played was “Pass the Book,” a cute poem that gets guests thinking of details about one another as they pass the book along. I recovered a cheap photo album in scrapbook paper and placed the printed poem in the sleeves.


Answer sheet designed for game using same pattern from monogram.

Another activity we came up with was the “Spice of Life,” and prompted guests to share advice with the bride based on a tag they drew containing various spices. The bride was also given little jars of these spices and required to guess the contents. At the end of the game, we collected to tags and tied to the corresponding jars. Some of the spices were pepper, lemon, and vanilla. For example, the bride received advice about marriage sometimes being sour and sweet based on the lemon label. We served lemon drop martinis and lime margaritas at the beginning of the party with some appetizers.

The host’s dinner menu was made of items that were prepared a head of time, including ham loaf, twice-baked potatoes, and seven layer salad. While the host led her guests in games and gifts, I warmed, plated, and served dinner. It worked out great. The host’s house is beautiful and one-of-a-kind, and has a butler kitchen. I found it easy to do the dirty work in that smaller kitchen, leaving the bigger kitchen clean for food presentation and martini shakin.’ My favorite part? Using the bride’s gift registry as inspiration, especially because she got to take home major parts of the party’s decor!


Handmade cupcake wrappers and flower pics from Hobby Lobby make this cupcake the cutest.


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