Bathroom Remodel

We finally hung a shower curtain and took some decent photos of our recent bathroom renovation, and I’m so excited to share them! This bathroom reno was long overdue – after only being in this house one year, we noticed both showers had mushy walls. The master came first because the floor was rotting too, so we had to use this bathroom with plastic sheets covering the bad tiles job while repairing the other bathroom! So when it came time to design this one, I made sure we got everything we wanted.

Even though it’s small for a full bathroom, we tried to pack it full of style! Of course, it was inspired by Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines, specifically this bathroom. One of our main challenges was working around the window in the shower–the previous one had rot. We debated removing it all together but ended up going with a permanently closed window and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t give us issues.

There’s so much I love about this bathroom, that’s every element is affectionally labeled as my favorite, LOL. There were several design elements I just had to have: marble, subway tile, and shiplap! We searched high and low for the 3″ marble tile and ended up finding it at Home Depot. Should have just started there, right? And I love the white subway tile with the dark grout–I’d love to do our kitchen backsplash like it. Shiplap around here isn’t actually the real deal, but instead is labeled as “car siding” and can be found at Menards. The shiplap did settle over the winter, causing some splintering at the joints, so we just sanded and repainted this past week.

I knew I wanted ceiling to floor length split curtains to frame the pretty shower, so we hung the rod at the ceiling and after purchasing an extra long liner on Amazon, I cut it in half to use with two curtain panels. We just overlap the liner in the middle when using, making sure the seam faces away from the water stream. We picked a boxy, modern tub, and we couldn’t tell the difference between the cheap one and the expensive ones, so we picked the cheap one. Hopefully it wears well. After falling in love with a set of Delta faucets that were way over our budget, I found these awesome cross bar handled ones from Kingston Brass for a fraction of the price. I love that the faucet handles give a nod to a vintage style but in a modernized way. But seriously, look at this Delta faucet!


Another favorite is the vanity. I knew I wanted a distressed gray finish, and after shopping the box stores I was frustrated by the lack of quality for their price tag. I stopped by a local carpet place that’s now offering cabinetry and found this beauty for the exact same price, but this one is solid wood and incredibly high quality. I even scored big on the towel ring and toilet paper holder–I saw a 5-piece package at Aldi of all places! It was the only one and had no price, and the clerk gave it to me for $5.99!!! That saved me $60, no doubt!

The gold mirror is another favorite. I’ve had it since I was a little girl–it was given to me at the passing of my great grandmother. Our contractor was nice enough to replace the deteriorating cardboard back with a sheet of wood to make it last another 60 years. I was secretly hoping for some ancient note hidden in the back but no luck.

I found plenty of decorative pieces at Hobby Lobby and Target to accessorize. This small bathroom didn’t require much. I tried several navy rugs but felt like they didn’t do the marble floor any justice, so I took them back and settled for some shower towel mats. But seriously, this is my most favorite room in the house. Bet you couldn’t guess that! It’s also the newest, so it had a huge advantage over the rest of the house.



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