Adventure-Themed Baby Nursery


Our little one is now 1-month old and it has been quite the adventure! His nursery theme is definitely fitting to all the ups and downs of parenthood. Finnton’s room features a monochrome color palette of grays, blacks, and whites, modern prints, and is made complete by a painted mountain mural.

The inspiration for the room was the idea of mountains mural on the wall. Every time Lance and I have had the pleasure of visiting the mountains, we’re enamored and wanted to capture this for our little guy. Luckily for us, the monochromatic nursery gear is on trend right now and easy to find. We found the bed sheets at Target, but after I had already sewed and created the bedskirt and pillows. The rug came from Bargains and Buyouts (and it was quite the steal!). Some of our favorite features include the dark painted ceiling and the black shutter we swiped from grandma’s garage sale.

We’re hoping to add on with memorabilia from our real adventures! Hope you enjoy the inspiration!